This page contains resources to help explain recent developments affecting the relationship between Atlantic Shores Baptist Church and the school it began in 1985 called Atlantic Shores Christian School.

The elder body called a special gathering, Sunday, July 16th at 12:30pm in the worship auditorium to brief the church family on the future relationship between the church and Christian school, and posted the following documents.

ASBC Announcement Regarding ASCS

FAQs About the Relationship Between ASBC and ASCS

On Sunday, July 23 at 6:00pm, the elder body of Atlantic Shores Baptist Church hosted a Religious Liberty Briefing to present important legal information that pertains to both the church and Christian school, and to discuss the future relationship between the ministries. Brian Schuette and Josh Hershberger of Craine/Schuette Attorneys were present to make the briefing and help lead the discussion in the church auditorium. Below is a link to the briefing Josh Hershberger made that evening.

Watch the Religious Liberty Briefing

Statement From the Elder Body About the Church School Relationship Resolution