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Per the Atlantic Shores Constitution and ByLaws, the elder body is requesting nominations to serve as elder from the active lay membership of the church. We are seeking the Lord’s guidance on adding 1-2 lay elders as some current lay elders will be ending their three (3) year term over the next several months.


The Atlantic Shores Baptist Church Constitution and Bylaws calls for up to ten (10) elders to serve our church family in leadership. A summary of the selection process is below.

  • The Lead Pastor is automatically an elder and serves as President of the Elder Body.
  • The Chairman of the Deacons is automatically an elder. 
  • The Lead Pastor appoints at least two (2) and up to four (4) members of the pastoral staff to serve as elders, which are then approved by a 75 percent vote of the current elders. 
  • Four (4) active lay members of the church will also serve as elders. They can be nominated by any active member of the church family, and then must be interviewed, vetted, and approved by a 75 percent vote of the current elder body, which serves as the nomination committee.
  • Lay elders serve for a three (3) year term. They are eligible for a second consecutive three (3) year term and then must roll off for at least one (1) term. 

Nomination of Active Lay Members


You must be an active member of the church to make a nomination. Nominees must be active members of the church for at least five years.

After reading 1 Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:5-9, I prayerfully nominate the following person(s) to serve as elder(s) at Atlantic Shores Baptist Church. I understand this process is not a popularity contest. Rather, it is based on the spiritual qualifications listed in Scripture, spiritual giftedness, and one's overall support for the mission, vision, and strategy of Atlantic Shores Baptist Church.