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Dear Shores Family,

Shores Family Ministry invites you to a 25-day Advent family devotional from December 1st to 25th. Use our Advent devotional by Matt Chandler and our Advent calendar and activities to create your own custom family time. The idea behind this is to lead your family in creating new traditions, strengthening old ones, disciplining your family in the Word of God, and keeping the focus of Christmas on Jesus Christ.

Take the last week of November to develop your calendar and pick a time to do your Advent box and devotional. Each weeks devotional is equipped with daily scripture to read, and discussion questions as well as a 5-minute video to watch at the beginning of each week. (Note: the discussion questions have a section for younger kids and teens to adults). 

Your Advent calendar and box can be filled with current traditions and new traditions from our Advent box list. You choose 25 activities/gift ideas to do as a family to fill your 2023 Advent Calendar. The Advent box will be filled by you daily with your devotional and activity/gift. Allow your children to open the box at the appointed time, begin with the family devotional, and then move to your planned activity/gift.

It is important to make a plan and choose your schedule wisely based on your family's normal flow. We understand the chaos of family and want to encourage you to make this a priority during the Christmas season.

In Christ,
Pastor Travis
Shores Family Pastor

Join Shores Kids as we celebrate Advent this Christmas season. Each Sunday morning, beginning on November 19th, the kids will participate in assembling their very own Advent wreath. Sunday mornings will reinforce the Shores Family Advent devotional. On the 17th of December, the unfinished wreath kits will be sent home to be completed on Christmas Day. Be sure to watch our livestream Christmas Day programming as Ms. Debbie and Ms. Rebecca teach the final Advent lesson and complete the wreaths with your child. Also, parents, as a special gift for your family, Shores Kids will provide you with an Advent devotion you can do at home. They will be available to be picked up on November 26th.