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A good old fashioned church picnic is coming to an area near you! Atlantic Shores Community Life is bringing a picnic to your area this spring and summer. We will be having pot luck style picnics at city parks all over Hampton Roads for those who live nearby to come out, enjoy the sunshine, meet new friends and catch up with old ones. The picnics will be led by our Life Group Ministry but you don’t have to be a part of a Life Group to participate. Just the picnic nearest to where you live and mark it down on your calendar. We will have picnics in the following areas:

Chesapeake East
April 16 - Chesapeake City Park
Lawson, Navarro, Bennett, Heinlein & Weissinger

Virginia Beach North
April 30 - City View Park
Bryant, Eckard, Brunner, Rouleau, Ailiff, Saunders & Spruill

Chesapeake West
June 11 - Great Bridge Locks Park
Buck, Pound, Chumura, Boyer & Grosso/O'Brien

Virginia Beach South
July 9 - Mount Trashmore
Butler, Loughheed, Mannix, Vaughan, & Travis