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Master Class Group Questions

1. What kinds of events and tragedies are most likely to make you question God’s providential care over this world?


2. What circumstances have you faced that led to this kind of questioning?


3. What are some indications that God’s people were seeking Him, even though He seemed absent?


4. What is the significance of taking steps to seek God even when you feel abandoned?


5. In what ways is Esther’s story similar to that of many believers throughout the world?


6. Who are some people throughout history whose life circumstances and position made it possible for them to change the world?


7. When have you felt like you were put somewhere “for such a time as this” to do God’s will?


8. What role do our past circumstances and our present position play in bringing God glory?


9. What are some of the aspects of your past that you’ve seen God use to make you more effective in serving Him?


10. What are some examples of people taking risks to follow Christ?


11. When have you had to risk your own welfare in doing what God called you to do?