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The Shores Bible Institute integrates the Christian faith into everyday life by equipping followers of Jesus to think theologically, develop a biblical worldview, and put truth into practice. The Summer 2021 classes offered by the Shores Bible Institute happen online. 

The Letter of 1 John

This Apostolic letter speaks authoritatively about the truth of the incarnation, a message his doubting readers needed after hearing false teachers deny the full divinity and humanity of Christ. It reaffirms the core of Christianity, saying that either we exhibit the sound doctrine, obedience, and love that characterizes all Christians, or else we are not true Christians. When all the basics of faith are in operation, we not only know joy but we can live a holy life and be assured of Salvation, even though we are still far from perfect. This assurance comes especially as we find ourselves learning to quote love one another” as brothers and sisters in Christ.


When: Wednesdays at 6:30pm beginning June 16

Duration: 6 weeks

Where: Online. You will receive a ZOOM link before each session.

Facilitator: Andy Parsons