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Zero Sunday is a time when we as a student ministry put away all distractions and focus completely on Jesus. This Sunday (October 22) is a time when we prepare our hearts and minds for what God wants to teach us through His word by having Zero Distractions for the weekend. This preparation starts on Monday morning with devotions and prayers that go through the weekend. We then begin a 24-hour fast from 6 pm Saturday night to Sunday night at 6 pm. We will begin our Zero Sunday (October 21) by breaking our fast together by eating breakfast at the church. After breakfast, we will remove all the distractions by turning in our phones at the welcome desk, bringing our own or picking up a physical bible at the welcome desk, and taking notes for the message and small group time. We are even going as far as turning off the stage lights, projectors and tv's for the night. You can say we are having an old-school kumbaya moment for Shores Students.

Why are we doing this? Our goal is to show how when we remove the distractions in our lives and seek after Jesus, He will show up and teach us in an amazing way. Come with open hearts and minds to God's Word and watch what God can do when we live a Zero Distraction Life.

Fasting Together

When: Start your fast at 6 pm on Saturday night Oct 21. We will break our fast together on Sunday night at 6 pm

How: Eat your last meal on Saturday before 6 pm. For the next 24 hours, do not eat any food. Drinking water, juice and milk is recommended during this 24-hour fast.
Think about any kind of setbacks you can have and prepare for that.  (i.e. medical reasons, sporting events, family events, etc.)

Help: Because we are doing this together as a student ministry, we are here to help one another to get through the fast and grow in our relationship with Jesus. The best help you can have is to be reading your bible and praying every time you feel that hungry feeling in your stomach. Let it be a reminder to go directly to God every time your stomach growls. Click here for some devotionals to prepare your heart before and during the fast.

Check out our information on prayer and fasting